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When a friend or family member passes away and the survivors are left with the estate cleanout on their hands, Junk Be Gone is here to help by stepping in and lifting the burden of cleaning out their property off the family’s shoulders. With years of experience cleaning out estates throughout NJ, we are the trusted experts you can rely on.

How Junk Be Gone can help with Estate Cleanouts

Cleaning out an estate takes a great deal of time and effort. Not only does all the important paperwork and memorabilia need to be found, but one must find places to donate or dispose of the unwanted items. This process of sorting, discarding, and cleaning can take months or even years for a family to complete by themselves, a process made especially difficult if the person responsible lives outside the area. In the meantime, needed money for final expenses may be tied up until the home is sold.


For families who need a team of estate cleanout professionals to ease the burden after a loved one’s passing, we provide a vital service for estates throughout New Jersey. With fast solutions and reliable estate cleanout specialists, we’ll sort through all the items on the family’s behalf, responsibly donate, recycle, and dispose of what they don’t wish to keep, and thoroughly clean and disinfect the property. Whether the task is a small apartment or a large property with outbuildings, family and friends of the deceased can rest easy knowing the property is in responsible hands.


Our specialists safeguard precious belongings

We train all our estate cleanout specialists to identify and safeguard any item of real or perceived value. This can include items such as photos, jewelry, cash, collector’s items, stock, deeds, insurance, etc. All these items will be placed in a safe location to be presented back to the client when the cleanout is complete.

Before we begin the estate cleanout, we always work with our client’s on creating two lists to guide our work: a list of specific items to look for and save and a list of items to donate. If we have any questions while we work, we’ll be sure to clarify with the client where they would like an item to go to ensure nothing of importance is lost. Once our work is finished, everything the client doesn’t want to keep will be donated, recycled, or disposed of properly based on the guidance received from the client.

Our NJ estate cleanout specialists are local employees who have gone through an extensive background check, are bonded, and have been thoroughly vetted and trained. None of our employees have a criminal record and all are reliable. In addition, our owner is onsite from the beginning of the project to the end and is always available to answer any questions.

Why Choose Junk Be Gone?


We recognize this time can be extraordinarily difficult and grief-filled for the friends and family of the deceased. With compassionate staff and reliable customer service who are there to help you whenever you need us, we always treat every person and belonging with the respect and sensitivity you deserve.

Efficient and reliable, we will walk the client through the whole process and provide a no obligation free estimate. Ready to help you move forward by making the estate cleanout process as easy as possible, we have the reputation of being the best Estate Cleanout Company throughout NJ.

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